Nov 14, 2013

neatShow.js is a jQuery plugin that allows you to load images beautifully on your website. Each image waits until it has downloaded before fading in smoothly.






$(selector).neatShow({ speed: 800});
 // specify fade in speed for images in milliseconds. 
 // If no speed is specified default is 400ms.

$(selector).neatShow({ speed: 'random'});
 // each image will fade in at a random speed once downloaded

$(selector).neatShow({ speed: 'random', minSpeed: 400, maxSpeed: 2400});
 // you can also specify minimum and maximum fade in speeds for random.
 // If none are specified the defaults are 400 and 1200

Container Mode

$(selector).neatShow({ mode: 'container'});
 // Container Mode will scan through selector's images and  
 // fade in any image inside that container that is hidden.

Also remember, any image you wish to use this plugin on must be hidden for it to work!